A Greater Gospel Response

For Greater Gospel Opportunities




It's Time to rise!

Six years ago, a young man, just starting his career, began coming to LifeHouse Church. Within a few short weeks, he became a believer. He jumped right in and started growing rapidly, serving in the body. A couple of years later, he was called by God into full-time ministry. In October of 2016, that young man, Mike Wright, was commissioned along with several other families from our church, to plant LifeHouse Church-Smyrna. He now serves as an associate pastor, where approximately 200 men, women, and children gather each week for worship.

This story is one of many similar stories of salvation, discipleship and ministry that continue to be written at LifeHouse Church. We must not take for granted the unique way in which the Holy Spirit continues to be poured out here. In addition, when we consider the rapid growth our community is experiencing, we cannot deny that it is specifically “for such a time as this.” It is clear that the Lord is positioning our church for even greater gospel opportunities. Will we take advantage of these opportunities and be who He is creating us to be?

We truly cannot deny the incredible ways that the Lord has demonstrated His power and love here in six short years. As we look back and as we realize all that He is doing now, we must respond in a greater way than we ever have before. We must RISE!

RISE is a two-year faith journey that will CHANGE US as we experience God in greater ways. RISE is a two-year faith journey that will CHANGE OUR CHURCH as we em- bark on new levels of gospel impact and effectiveness in disciple making. RISE is a two-year faith journey that will undoubtedly CHANGE OUR COMMUNITY, all for the glory of GOD!

Let’s all Rise together,

Mark Lashey
Lead Pastor, LifeHouse Church

“RISE is primarily about our church boldly living out our faith together in a real and greater way. RISE is a call for us to go to a place where many of us have not gone before. Without a doubt, when we all RISE together, we will have so much more than a building to praise God for.”

Jesse Blanton