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November 2019

We are in the process of moving the Top Soil stockpile to the Southern Parcel so we can begin  Pre-concrete Plumbing next week.  Rock is scheduled for delivery to keep the site clean.  Pier prep for steel is underway...Steel arrives November 18.  Continue to pray for good weather to keep us on schedule!

October 2019

Poured our foundation, walls and piers.  Foundation block walls went in & sleeves were installed for utility routing.  

September 2019

The majority of underground piping is complete.  Prepping for digging the footers. 

August 2019

Storm water management installed, grading finished, sediment pond finished

July 2019

site work & sediment pond started

June 2019

clearing began, prep work initiated.

May 2019


April 2019

With God's help, LifeHouse Church was able to raise a $2 million deposit by April 7, 2019.  This allowed us to hold our ground-breaking celebration in April!  

We are trusting God to provide the remaining funds through His people.  

Would you consider making an investment into RISE?