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August 2020

Finishes installed.  Data installed, security system installed, wifi installed, AVL systems installed.  Building opened on August 16, 2020!

July 2020

Children's wing completed, Flooring installed building wide, final electrical outlets installed, Auditorium seating installed, put in parking lots final layer of asphalt and applied striping.

June 2020

Parking lot gets the base layer of asphalt.  Children's wing to be completed.  HVAC continues to go in, Auditorium gets paint, Exterior finishes continue.

May 2020

Exterior finishes applied (hardy plank, paint, final touches), Parking lot lights were installed, all sidewalks around building complete, all doors and glass installed, interior drywall complete, interior painting, ceiling grids installed, Flooring & casework starts in children's wing.

April 2020

Drywall, interior insulation & HVAC started to go up.  Electrical and data lines were run.  Rock and EPHIS exterior was installed.  Curbs installed and Parking lot was being prepped.  Painting had started.

March 2020

Windows, Electric & Sprinkler system were installed.  Parking lot curbs were poured.  Roof trusses are installed.  Concrete in Auditorium is complete.  Exterior weather barrier is installed.  Roof & insulated sheet install is done over auditorium.

February 2020

Concrete was poured building wide except the auditorium.  Framing went up in the children's wing & Office wing. Roof Trusses went up in the office areas. Plumbing & Electric underground was completed.  Some siding was installed.

January 2020

Sewer & Water connections installed, concrete pads in Children's wing were poured, framing for small children areas went up.

December 2019

Roof decking went up!  Underground Electric & Plumbing was installed under children's wing (with bathrooms in every children's room).   

November 2019

Steel is all up, plumbing has started in the children's wing

October 2019

Poured our foundation, walls and piers.  Foundation block walls went in & sleeves were installed for utility routing.  

September 2019

The majority of underground piping is complete.  Prepping for digging the footers. 

August 2019

Storm water management installed, grading finished, sediment pond finished

July 2019

site work & sediment pond started

June 2019

clearing began, prep work initiated.

May 2019


April 2019

With God's help, LifeHouse Church was able to raise a $2 million deposit by April 7, 2019.  This allowed us to hold our ground-breaking celebration in April!  

We are trusting God to provide the remaining funds through His people.  

Would you consider making an investment into RISE?