What do you mean when you say “Let’s Rise”?

RISE is the theme for LifeHouse Church’s 2-year Generosity Initiative (Dec 2018-Dec 2020). Through this initiative, we are seeking to build a new corporate worship building, accommodate for anticipated population growth in Middletown and the surrounding communities, encourage community connection and increase support staff, as well as continuing our present functions and outreach ministries to include missions.

When will construction of the new building be finished?

We broke ground in late Spring 2019, and anticipate completion by August 2020.  Please pray for limited delays and God's perfect timing!

If we are committing to RISE, how does this change my giving to missions, the general fund and other special offerings?

During the RISE Initiative (Dec 2018-Dec 2020), every contribution to Jesus through LifeHouse Church is a contribution to the RISE Initiative. Our operating budget and expanded opportunities to include a new building will fall under one, single, financial goal. Every aspect of the ministry God is calling us towards for the next two years will be funded through RISE. There will not be separate funds. Every gift will go into the same fund and will be our RISE giving. Therefore, every weekend becomes a day to celebrate and contribute towards what God is doing in us and through us to extend the glory of God by making disciples through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How will giving take place after Dec 2020 when the RISE Initiative ends?

Certainly, many members of the LifeHouse Body of Christ will have experienced a two-year “season” of extraordinary, increased generosity in support of RISE. As January 2021 begins, your gifts to God through LifeHouse must continue to be a matter of individual prayer. We serve a God who will provide and we must place our trust in this Great Promise!

Are there additional ways besides cash that I can give more towards RISE?

Be creative as you explore ways you and your family can give. You might have some stocks, property or other items of that nature. Or you may have some stored resources that God has blessed you with in the past that He might be calling you to give during this time. Please let us know if you need assistance with facilitating gifts of property or stocks and we would be happy to help you. Please contact Pastor Mark at Mark@LifeHouseDE.com if you have questions.

What if I don’t have a job right now? What does that mean for my RISE commitment?

RISE is about your total, extraordinary generosity to God’s mission at LifeHouse. Although generosity will look different for every person, we believe God calls us to generosity in times of hardship, just as much as He does in times of abundance. RISE is about a heart change; one that is only accomplished by surrendering our lives completely to Jesus in the area of giving. That may mean the Lord challenges you to sell things, to pick up odd jobs or even to trust God by faith by making a commitment that you don’t quite know how to fulfill right now. Trust God to provide as you seek ways, led by the Spirit, to work towards that commitment. The RISE goal is for 100% participation for all who call LifeHouse their church home, so we can ALL encourage and pray for one another during this season of extraordinary generosity.

What if I am severely in debt right now? Am I still supposed to give? 

If you are currently seeking to make payments to pay off debt right now, we commend you and you should continue to do so. We would be happy to help you in this journey and to recommend financial coaching that might minister to you. Being in debt does not, however, excuse a person from giving. Giving isn’t about what God wants FROM you; it’s about what God wants FOR you. It should be our joy and privilege to give at all times. Please e-mail Jeff Sareyka at Info@LifeHouseDE.com, if you need assistance or if you would like to talk to a financial coach. We would be honored to help.

What if I have never given to LifeHouse before?

RISE was specifically crafted with you in mind! “Let’s Rise” is a call for extraordinary, cheerful generosity for everyone at LifeHouse. If you have never given before, this is a chance to get in the game with a committed generous gift that will be included in ALL gifts given by ALL!

What if I am new here?

RISE is about God’s purpose for LifeHouse Church in Delaware. We believe that the local church is one of the most compelling missions to give towards in any community and we would love for you to make LifeHouse your home and join us as we RISE. If you are ready, this is a perfect time for you to put a stake in the ground and make LifeHouse your church. We need you on our team!

What are the benefits of having our own building versus renting another location?

Having our own building, LifeHouse Church will become a community asset, having the ability to open doors to the public for multi-purpose use. We will become visible to rooted Delawareans and others from nearby Maryland and New Jersey seeking to build relationships in Christ. A building also provides stability while renting carries a risk not only affecting planned programming, but also losing rental space altogether. Additionally, a permanent building serves as a launch pad for training leaders and equipping church planters that will multiply God’s kingdom. And lastly, over the long term, owning is more cost effective than renting.

Is borrowing money from a bank to construct a new building biblically permissible? Is it a wise decision?

The apparent prohibitions against debt found in Scripture are not absolute prohibitions. God’s Word gives instructions on how to lend. If lending puts borrowing in a sinful position, would it be righteous to ever lend? (Psalm 37:26 & 112:5, Ex 22:25, Deut 28:12, 23:19). Biblical opposition to charging interest is specifically applied to profiteering at another’s expense. There is a difference to not lending to a brother in need and borrowing/lending as part of an economy. Modern banking did not exist in biblical times. John Piper, speaking on Romans 13:7-8, says, “When you have debt, pay it. End your obligations each time they arise (i.e., every time a bill comes in the mail). A mortgage payment would be an example of such an obligation.” Verse 7 gives us the context for this as it states, “pay to all that is owed to them… taxes, revenue, respect, and honor.” Biblical warnings against the dangers of debt describe what may happen, not what must happen, and usually picture exploitations of the poor by the rich. LifeHouse’s situation is very different. We are not borrowing out of distress or desperation, but out of strategic planning. Borrowing does not put us at undue risk. There are no alternatives to building a new building in our local area. We are not giving up something life sustaining as collateral. None of our staff is at risk of losing their job, food or shelter as a result. We realize we are utterly dependent on God’s provision in paying off the debt. We do not intend to stay in debt any longer than we need to. Our hope is not in our planning and thinking but in God and His provision! Phil 4:19, 2 Cor 9:8, Matt 6:33, Psalm 84:11 & 23:6

If you have any questions that were not listed here, 

please email: info@LifeHouseDE.com